Colter Values

The heart of Colter Construction, Inc. services is building both Commercial and Residential projects, with an eye for value to maximize your satisfaction. Value engineering and seizing opportunities during construction makes a good project great.  We will bid our projects with the utmost integrity and look for ways to reduce costs as well as give our customers realistic expectations of what their project budgets will be.

Colter Quality

We use only the best suppliers, subcontractors, and designs for each project.  By using only licensed subcontractors and suppliers with established track records of quality and performance we minimize many of the problems that can arise in any project.  Because we establish and maintain strong personal relationships with our subcontractors and suppliers they know our needs and expectations insuring consistently high quality.

Colter Standards

We understand that our clients expect only the best. We have strict company standards including a professional appearance, jobsite safety and cleanliness.

Our code of conduct is based on respect, we respect  our clients and their property, we respect our co-workers, suppliers and subcontractors, and at the end of the day we can respect ourselves for a job well done.